Bloody Hammers - Under Satan’s Sun

Bloody Hammers - Under Satan’s Sun

(CD/2LP, Napalm Records, 2014)

“Did you ever think when the hearse rolls by that someday you are going to die?”

Wow! It’s been almost six months since the previous BLOODY HAMMERS LP and the North Carolina occult rockers are already back with their third album, entitled “Under Satan’s Sun”, and are ready to spread their infectious Gothic/horror-edged music that drew a lot of attention in the most recent past. Taking fully advantage of the gathered momentum, the band’s mastermind Anders Manga infused his ultra-spooky tunes with tons of Hammond-magik and dark horror-laden Rock with a pinch of H.P. Lovecraft and Ray Bradbury, in this scenario about what is under Satan’s sun...

...and I think you’ve guessed already how the result feels (and sounds) 10k times more bewitching than before, proving that BLOODY HAMMERS is a really hard-working band. From the old-children’s-song intro of “The Town That Dreaded Sundown” that opens the album till the haunting atmosphere of “The Necromancer” that drops the curtain, BLOODY HAMMERS have captured the devil in the details and have won the game from the lockers, making this album their best shot till today. Lauding with the respect of all the good virtues of the late 60s / 70s UK Garage era and of the classic Vampira movies, “Under Satan’s Sun” is full of crunchy riffs, chanting vocalisms and beautiful organ melodies that after every spin prove the album’s value. I guarantee that you’ll fall in love with the DANZIG-esque tunes of “Death Does Us Part”, you’re gonna feel to your core the Sludge-y / Doom-y psychedelia of “The Moon-Eyed People” and you’ll get ecstatic under the theatrical, spooky tunes of “Welcome To The Horror Show”, affirming all my thoughts when I was listening to the first two BLOODY HAMMERS albums that they will conquer the world if they continue counting carefully their steps and making the right choices. Yes, the use of Gothic aesthetics fits like hand in glove to the band’s love for Doom tunes, the neat production and Anders’ vocals that indisputably deliver the goods quite successfully, bringing along an eerie (oc)cult feeling from the 70s Dwight Fry-esque Alice Cooper’s mystery (and not only because of the “Second Coming” cover).

Dark satanic worshippers, mystery horror tales fanatics and other creatures of the crypt, the time has come; let the fuzzy, psych-ed beauty and the sluggish charm of “Under Satan’s Sun” to capture you and haunt your worst nightmares.





01. The Town That Dreaded Sundown
02. Spearfinger
03. Death Does Us Part
04. The Moon-Eyed People
05. Second Coming
06. Welcome To The Horror Show
07. Under Satan’s Sun
08. Dead Man’s Shadow On The Wall
09. The Last Alarm
10. The Necromancer


Anders Manga - Bass, Vocals
Devallia - Piano, Organ
Doza - Drums
Bill Fischer - Lead Guitar