Helstar - This Wicked Nest

Helstar - This Wicked Nest

(CD, AFM Records, 2014)

With a career that spans over thirty years, and with albums like “Nosferatu” under their belt, HELSTAR have established their legacy as one of the most dominant bands in the US Power Metal scene, so the release of their latest full length album, "This Wicked Nest", cannot be overlooked.

The timing for this release is perfect, unfortunately for a serious of wrong reasons. Once again, mankind seems emerged in political turmoil, while the headlines are dominated by ongoing events with potential apocalyptic consequences. Drawing inspiration from these ominous events, HELSTAR created furious, relentless, and in-your-face Power Metal, with strong political overtones, that sound as the perfect soundtrack for these troubled times. Without radically altering their sound, HELSTAR have laid down nine aggressive and tight sounding compositions incorporating Speed and Thrash elements. The basis of every self-respecting Metal album are the guitars, where the two guitarists have excelled in providing powerful riffs and melodic leads. James Rivera demonstrates once again his vocal prowess, delivering a flawless vocal performance.

After a melodic intro, “Fall Of Dominion” storms in and really I will never forget the first time I listened to this furious track; I was angered over political development in my native country (Greece), so the ferocity of this particular track fitted just right. “It Has Risen” is another outstanding furious track that was inspired by James’ first hand experience from the recent riots in Turkey. On the other hand, “Cursed” is a doomy atmospheric track with an eerie lyrical theme (growing old and dying). This is a brilliant track and somehow reminiscent of CANDLEMASS’ first era.

To sum this up, I consider “This Wicked Nest” as an exceptionally good album and worthy of HELSTAR’s legacy. This is an aggressive and mature album at the same time, that keeps the listener's attention from the first note to the very last. This is Power Metal at its finest!





01. Fall Of Dominion
02. Eternal Black
03. This Wicked Nest
04. Souls Cry
05. Isla De Las Munecas
06. Cursed
07. It Has Risen
08. Defy The Swarm
09. Magormissabib


James Rivera - Vocals
Larry Barragan - Guitar
Rob Trevino - Guitar
Mikey Lewis - Drums