Bloody Hammers - Spiritual Relics

Bloody Hammers - Spiritual Relics

(CD/LP, Soulseller Records, 2013)

I am not really fond of bands that rely on looks and not on the dynamics of the music to create a strong following and this is how I felt with the self-titled debut of North Carolina (now known as Transylvania County residents) occult rockers BLOODY HAMMERS, released ten months ago. So, is there something new or even different in their sophomore release, titled “Spiritual Relics”?

Apparently BLOODY HAMMERS have enriched their Doom / retro Rock with mellow Gothic elements by kindling the ‘walking-near-graveyards-at-midnight’ feeling, but still are not based on the music quality. “Spiritual Relics” contains ten Gothic/horror-edged tracks where the organ has the lion’s share as far as the album’s atmosphere is concerned that also happens to be the strongest card on BLOODY HAMMERS’ s deck. Sure, tracks like “What’s Haunting You”, the ultra-spooky “The Source”, “Color Me Blood Red” (really catchy riffage here) and “Flesh Of The Lotus” may be good for a couple of album spins, especially when trying to get some of D.D. Verni’s THE BRONX CASKET CO.’s magic (or something like that), while “At The Well Of Nazareth” flirts with the Punk-ier Rockabilly scene (you can blame the vibrant keys for that), challenging the listener to choose between Gothic / Doom and Rockabilly as the band’s main thing. Plus, the rather unbalanced mix with four instruments sounding separately and not as a whole doesn’t grant the album additional spins because each time the listener realizes how disconnected the entire project is.

The acoustic guitar-based “Science Fiction” closes the album with a glimpse of hope that BLOODY HAMMERS will discard all the Satan-related clichés and implement their inspiration to the maximum while fixing the production issues to create a more focused and consequently better (for my ears) album. All we have to do now is wait for that to happen.





01. What’s Haunting You
02. At The Well Of Nazareth
03. The Transit Begins
04. The Source
05. Color Me Blood Red
06. Night Of The Long Knives
07. Shiver
08. Flesh Of The Lotus
09. Path Of Sorrows
10. Science Fiction


Anders - Vocals, Bass
Devallia - Organ
Zoltan - Guitar
Mendoza - Drums