Motörhead - Aftershock

Motörhead - Aftershock


(CD/LP, UDR Music, 2013)

It feels amazing watching a band driving on the same road for 38 years delivering Heavy music for rockenrollers, outlaws, beer drinkers, Hell raisers and really bad girls, with the same passion and consistency as it did from the day of its inception without deviating from the crunchy, Punk-y, Blues-y, screw-you Rock ‘n’ Roll course. Yeah, I know, I can see you thinking: “come on, another MOTÖRHEAD album where Lemmy and the boys are still playing the same shit?” And this is how a potential friendship between you and me was put to rest before even being born... But really, aren't you interested to see if the boyz (as James Hetfield would say) did something different this time? Oh Hell, I’ll give you one more chance.

First of all, let’s start with the obvious facts: MOTÖRHEAD’s 21st studio album with the tangy title “Aftershock” (and without the umlet above the letter ‘o’) carries 14 songs, that is the longest tracklist in the band’s entire career leaving behind “Ace Of Spades”, “Iron Fist”, “Bastards”, “Inferno” and “Kiss Of Death” and their 12 tracks. Does this mean recharged inspiration or simply a need to become more competitive during the iTunes-selling-songs-and-not-albums market? Since we are talking about Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey then the first scenario seems to me more plausible. On the other hand, I’ll agree with you, you spiteful bastards, that if “Aftershock” was 2-3 tracks shorter, it’d had satisfy all the mean thoughts out there regarding three old men writing one more decent album and nothing more. No matter what you think, the truth is that in “Aftershock” we hear, breathe and enjoy Lemmy’s heartbreaks (blame the women as always), restless spirit and Bluesy mood expressed by this machine gun and trademark bass picking action (yes, after all he is treating his bass as a guitar).

It goes without saying that the crushin’ headbangers of “Heartbreaker” (you can also call me “Rock Out”), “Coup De Grace”, my personal favorite “End Of Time”, “Going To Mexico” (going-with-the-flow, it’s-all-the-game-to-me) and “Queen Of The Damned” fit perfectly to a MOTÖRHEAD album like Jack 'n Coke continuing the kicking-ass tradition by adding more classics in the band’s catalogue. But that’s not all; Lemmy has always one or two aces (maybe more than an actual deck) up his sleeve, seasoning every album with a few palate-cleansers (except the red Marlboros and his monolithic Rickenbacker meteorites), writing music perfect for old-school vinyl record listening. The first musical notes of “Lost Woman Blues” (that flirt with “Capricorn” and “Metropolis” at the same time) will wink at you and say without words that the old man did it again, driven – still – by his love for the Blues and women, creating this little piece of hard-loving art for your ears. “Dust And Glass” proves that even MOTÖRHEAD can think outside the box seeing Lemmy wearing his late-night vocals, without paying attention to the fans' possible beefing; this has happened many times in the past with “Don’t Let Daddy Kiss Me”, “1916” or “God Was Never On Your Side” and – as always – this hate turns into love.

There is no doubt that anno 2013 “Aftershock” comes testify in favor of what MOTÖRHEAD stands for with speed-y, filthy and Bluesy tunes whenever necessary, underscoring the band’s high-quality songwriting that gets flesh and bones via Lemmy’s never-ending well of inspiration. The only thing left to be done is to catch this British phlegm-ed Rock ‘n’ Roll trio while on the road and hope they’ll honor their 21st offering by adding a couple of new songs in the otherwise predictable setlist.

RATE: This is a f***ing new MOTÖRHEAD album and YOU want a rate? What’s the matter with you? Are you deaf???




01. Heartbreaker
02. Coup De Grace
03. Lost Woman Blues
04. End Of Time
05. Do You Believe
06. Death Machine
07. Dust And Glass
08. Going To Mexico
09. Silence When You Speak To Me
10. Crying Shame
11. Queen Of The Damned
12. Knife
13. Keep Your Powder Dry
14. Paralyzed


Lemmy Kilmister - Bass, Vocals
Phil Campbell - Guitars
Mikkey Dee - Drums