Monster Magnet - Last Patrol

Monster Magnet - Last Patrol

(CD/2LP, Napalm Records, 2013)

Staring at the “Last Patrol” cover artwork (by the way is a hand-painted oil on canvas creation of Johun Sumrow), you can see the amazing Bullgod (following the amazing Spider Man motto) who decided to go cosmic for the needs of the tenth MONSTER MAGNET album. So, he wore his most space-laden pissed-off costume, a semi-mocking smile looking ready to explore supersonic galaxies. Sure, Dave Wyndorf’s love for psychedelic stuff in the vein of HAWKWIND is widely known - at least to the band’s fans who needed a high-quality psych-ed album, after the “4-Way Diablo” overdose and the “Mastermind” rehab. It’s true, Stoner garage-maniacs and psych bong-smokers; 3, 2, 1... Houston, we have liftoff!

Leaving on the side the party-like mood of the band’s best-sellers, the mastermind behind the double 'M' moniker (aka Space Lord, Dave Wyndorf) has created a Rock-solid ecstasy, a unique sonic hypnosis that sounds perfect to listen during the wee hours to boost introspection and personal pleasure of course. Yes, growing old is a natural process and nobody can blame an artist for doing so, especially when he wants to try different things in music (and in life too) and present them as he pleases. In “Last Patrol” (don’t get fooled by the word ‘last’ thinking this is the band’s swansong because MONSTER MAGNET has a lot of fuel inside the hallucinatory tank), Dave sat back to relax before taking the grooviest and most beloved moments from the band’s past and fused them with brain-melting dreams and psychedelic sounds into a glowing Space Rock amalgam. Sure, the music could sound more explosive or mainstream in order to please the old fans of the band, but that’s not the point; MONSTER MAGNET seems pretty confident to test their stamina outside the music-stratosphere and no one can accuse their inquiring spirit.

The first guitar tunes of “I Live Behind The Clouds” state that MONSTER MAGNET are back in action and ready to do what they know best: create a space sound-vehicle having Dave on the driver’s seat wearing the narrator’s suit and start telling/singing stories about life and emotion-triggered reactions with a dosage of science fiction and surrealism adding a dark, futuristic perspective to the all around Space-Noir feeling. The nine minutes of “Last Patrol” carry the band’s Space Rock signature of authenticity being vibrant by featuring hypnotic acid solos and inspiring guitar-vintage outbursts and even though this is presented through the ‘60s perspective, it sounds modern and not retro. I really love the way Dave has adopted DONOVAN’s sitar-driven “Three Kingfishers” and turned into to multi-colored potion dense enough to relieve your trippy-laden thirst. “Paradise” continues on the same path through cosmic circuses and turquoise Valhallas delivering golden syrupy guitar repetitive licks as Dave doesn’t hesitate to flaunt his belting-out vocals in the ‘how-much-more-groove-can-you-handle’ “Hallelujah”.

Somewhere after the middle of the tracklist is the 2013 version of “Negasonic Teenage Warhead” that listens to the name “Mindless Ones”; this is groovy and fast as hell and I bet you won’t manage to stand still under the spell of the thrusting guitars and the catchy refrain. Then you have “The Duke (Of Supernature)” entering the room, wearing the hippy bandana and scarab-stone ring with pride in a hypnotic yet organic character that resides underneath the badass MAGNETic tunes. The climax of the album happens with a powerful antithesis; the fast and loose “End Of Time” and the abyss-born “Stay Tuned” that leads you to the real world, right after its chaotic, infinite loop.

In case the burning question “can “Last Patrol” provide the best excuse to re-discover MONSTER MAGNET still holds, then I feel sorry for ya, because this album is maxed out by Wyndorf’s personality and, in fact, can give you more than a couple of ways to feed your inner demons. It’s 100% inspired and fresh, yet not that different from the releases we fell in love with in Hotel Baby and it will surely rock your cosmic socks off. Chase the special double vinyl edition, n-o-w. Bullgod, you crazy bastard, welcome back!





01. I Live Behind The Clouds
02. Last Patrol
03. Three Kingfishers
04. Paradise
05. Hallelujah
06. Mindless Ones
07. The Duke (Of Supernature)
08. End Of Time
09. Stay Tuned


Dave Wyndorf - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Garrett Sweeny - Lead Guitar
Phil Caivano - Rhythm Guitar
Jim Baglino - Bass
Bob Pantella - Drums