Running Wild - Resilient

Running Wild - Resilient

(CD/LP, SPV/Steamhammer, 2013)

I was extremely disappointed when the captain himself Rock ‘N’ Rolf announced that he would lower the sail once and for all of the RUNNING WILD ship, but at the same time I respected his decision because he knew best. Apparently this decision was not meant to last, so Rock ‘N’ Rolf was soon back on deck with “Shadowmaker” that followed the very good Hard Rock path named GIANT-X. I guess if you are a die-hard follower of this pirate story from the very beginning, then you know that “Shadowmaker” had little to do with a genuine RUNNING WILD album. But having already listened to “Resilient” a hearty amount of times, I am grateful for that album, since it calibrated Rolf’s bearing and now the ship from the “Under Jolly Roger” cover artwork is already leaving the harbor under a fair wind, ready once again to shout “Ship Ahoy”!

Adrian is back on the cover artwork, so let the needle fall in the beginning of “Soldiers Of Fortune” and let yourself enjoy the salty air hitting your face as the trademark-sounding riff will whisper RUNNING WILD are back”. Ok, I will admit that the emotions are doing most of the talking here, so be aware that this is not “Port Royal” part 2, nor it is the sequel of the legendary “Under Jolly Roger”. But the music sounds fresh and after a long time inspired (yeah “Rogues En Vogue” was a disappointment). Rolf has adopted the melody in his singing from his Hard Rock days with GIANT-X and TOXIC TASTE but this does not sound bad at all. In fact, in the title track you will enjoy this re-charged singing that fits like an eye-patch on a pirate’s face with the nice mid-tempo groove. I am not kidding but listening to “Adventure Highway” I got some “Raw Ride” memories while I kept my fist raised in the air during the riff-driven “The Drift”. It has been a long time since I have found myself humming the main melody of a new RUNNING WILD song and this one did the trick.

It’s true that most of the metalheads when they see the name RUNNING WILD, they immediately think of pirates, but there is more than the eye can see. The lyrics always had a rebellious attitude (you can think of “Chains And Leather” and “Raise Your Fist” for example), and without doubt, “Run Riot” is swimming in the same waters and shines with a killer solo and a Rolf-trademark riff. The album ends with a bang that lasts almost ten minutes and happens to be the longest RUNNING WILD song. But the time duration will not be responsible for making the hair on the back of your neck to stand; it will be the nice clear guitar arpeggios, the sound of the sea waves and the pirate melody that will rekindle the RUNNING WILD fire on the spot. And rest assured that this fire will grow during the sing-along chorus and the trademark guitar break that leads to a signature guitar solo and a riff that will set anchor in your mind from the very first listening. Yeah, this is the type of epic songs we used to get from Rolf, so I am happy to use a cliché expression and shout “he is back!”

No, this is not an album that can look straight in the eye of the legendary RUNNING WILD albums without blushing, but it will put the Jolly Roger flag in the highest mast because the ship is ready to sail on unknown and raging seas. I hope there are some live dates on the making because there is no better place to celebrate this than the stage. By the way, I don’t really care who or what plays the drums.

“Where am I?
You want to know where you are?
In Port Royal! Ha Ha!”





01. Soldiers Of Fortune
02. Resilient
03. Adventure Highway
04. The Drift
05. Desert Rose
06. Fireheart
07. Run Riot
08. Down To The Wire
09. Crystal Gold
10. Bloody Island


Rock 'N' Rolf - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Peter Jordan - Guitar