Witch Cross - Axe To Grind

Witch Cross - Axe To Grind

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(CD/LP, Hells Headbangers, 2013)

WITCH CROSS is one of those bands that once delivered a mythical debut LP and later on fell into oblivion. “Fit For Fight” (1984) is the kind of an album you should definitely have in your collection if you consider yourself an old-school Metal fanatic, needless to say. Now, nearly three decades later, the Danish band offers a new album and shall probably look around for the recognition that never came in the first place.

“Axe To Grind” is probably the album we should expect after so many years of absence. It’s simplified, it’s heavy yet hardrockin’ too and it’s up to the standards set by the band from Denmark years ago. It’s not to be compared to the stylistic dynamics of “Fit For Fight” since so many years have passed now, but it’s meticulously written and performed leaving no space for criticism. It just is not the album that shall bombard your ears and putrefy your soul after the first spins. It’s quite melodic too (not melodic Rock of course...) and reveals the profile of a band that seeks salvation via a second birth maybe. And that’s not bad at all since the guitars rock hard, the bass/drums pound tough and the vocals are passionate and crystal clear.

Not to be taken for granted, “Axe To Grind” sees WITCH CROSS flirting with more ‘serious’ musical songwriting even if the album title and artwork can be a little bit misleading. I think the CD will become a favorite for metalheads who like their works from favorite bands not that polished and with a Hard Rock background too, while vintage hardrockers may probably find a surprisingly enjoyable LP to sink their teeth in. And that’s the same point that the 1984 debut had succeeded into branding, with the DEF LEPPARD-style mixed with the RIOT mastery and even the MERCYFUL FATE doom bringing forth a result that is still praised by classic Heavy Metal maniacs all over the world.

So, maybe you should leave space in the ‘W’ section of your CD/LP shelf and add the new WITCH CROSS release to your collection at some time soon. It’s not the best reunion album you’ve ever heard but it is decent and neat with a nice songlist and with the cliché parts we always love in traditional Heavy Metal music. WITCH CROSS is back and I’m happy for this, personally speaking. Are you? Taste “Axe To Grind” and then look in the mirror.





01. March Of The Vikings
02. Demon In The Mirror
03. Ride With The Wind
04. Metal Nation
05. Awakening-Pandoras Box
06. Axe To Grind
07. Bird Of Prey
08. Lost Without Warning
09. Parl Of tTe Machine
10. Chelsea 100
11. Beyond The Veil


Kevin Moore - Vocals
Paul Martini - Guitars
Mike “Wlad” Kock - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jan “Little John Field” Normark - Bass
Lars “Tony Adams” Bjornstad - Drums